Plenty of us promised ourselves that we’ll clean up our diets and start eating well as soon as the coronavirus quarantine starts. –

Sadly, like this chocolate bar and carton of chocolate milk we’re enjoying for breakfast show, not all things go to plan. The quarantine has brought out our creativity and desperation in equal parts. You can clearly see it from the photos people are proudly posting online where they show off their next-level improvised quarantine meals.

No burger buns? No problem! Substitute them with some donuts. No breadcrumbs for your steak? Again, no worries—broken up Doritos will do. Out of nachos? Yeah, this cereal will be perfect with some cheese and salsa. Scroll down for the wonderful and terrifying lockdown food pictures that Bored Panda found, upvote your faves, and drop us a comment about your own quarantine meals, dear Pandas!

Bored Panda spoke about these improvised quarantine recipes and people rediscovering their love for food with Nathalie Cooke, Professor and Associate Dean at McGill University Library and Archives, and an expert in cookery literature. Scroll down to read what she thinks and to have a look at her 2 simple but tasty recipes that we can all enjoy during the lockdown.


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