The recent lockdown has surely sparked an inner chef in most of us. With endless egg and flour hoards, we’ve seen people baking and trying out some pretty questionable recipes with little to no success. –

Meanwhile, Bill Sutherland was also busy in the kitchen, but with a different kind of project in mind. The professor of conservation biology at the University of Cambridge rolled up his sleeves and cooked up some very intricate meals as carved on an ancient Mesopotamian tablet. You see, it’s not just some avocado toast. Apparently, these 3770-year-old dishes like lamb stew and elamite broth “are the oldest recipes existing.”

In a viral Twitter thread, Bill showed us what to expect from such ancient delicacies and for those who worry about the well-being of his stomach, let me tell you Bill says it’s the “best Mesopotamian meal I have eaten.”


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